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> I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to use different driver file
> downloads for different printers on the system?  As of what I can
> see in all
> doc-files I can only use ONE set of drivers for all added printers?
> F.x. I have one printer that is handled by CUPS' PPD system, and
> one printer
> that uses RAW.
> So, the first printer (PPD) should have its feed in postscript format from
> the Windows clients, so they get the Adobe PS driver set by download when
> they add the printer to the system.
> But the second printer that should be fed by the Windows clients already
> processed stream, that is, they need the printer manufacturers native
> printer driver for Windows.  So, they should NOT get the Adobe
> friver, but a
> different set.
> Is it doable?  I run CUPS v1.2.0b1 and Samba 2.2.5.
> Anders Norrbring

Hi Anders,

You want to run 2 different printers with samba/cups.

1 raw printer, and one PS printer.

This is possible.

I'd recommend upgrading CUPS though - 1.2 is quite old.


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