[Samba] different shares from one directory possible?

Alexander Goeres agoeres at lieblinx.net
Wed Jan 28 16:09:40 GMT 2004

Hello everybody!

I am wondering if it's possible to export a subdirectory of an already 
existing share as a different share?

Just an example:

path = /path/to/a/directory
valid users = groupA
write list = groupA

path = /path/to/a/directory/and/a /subdirectory
valid users = groupA, groupB
write list = groupA, GroupB

I was doing that with a (strange Debian) Samba 2.999+3.0.alpha20-3, and failed 
when I tried to acces this share. The error msg in the referring log was:
"'/path/to/a/directory/and/a /subdirectory' is not a directory, when 
connecting to [share2]"

The aim of that should be, that a more or less public access is granted to a 
subdirectory of a directory with a strictly limited access.

Is it generally possible to do it that way or is this basic "access-granting" 
idea wrong? 

If someone has any ideas about this, please tell me.


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