[Samba] Domain Member Server won't work.

Collen Blijenberg (MLHJ) collen at hermanjordan.nl
Wed Jan 28 08:45:56 GMT 2004

Did you make or sync-ed the linux user-account's to the member server aswell ??
(you could use rdist/rsync - nis or winbind ??)

your domain member server only use your domain to verify the passwords of 
not the posix/linux accounts..
so it's nessesary to have the users + groups in you domain member server 
i use rdist to sync my linux user data base, but i gues you could use
nis or winbind as well.. (not sure...)



At 17:35 27/01/2004, you wrote:
>Here are the configs of my PDC. (Ip:
>         workgroup = COREDIUM
>         netbios name = IMBRIUM
>         server string = Samba Server Imbrium
>         encrypt passwords = Yes


>   local master = no
>    os level = 33
>    domain master = no
>    preferred master = no
>    domain logons = no
>    wins server =
>    dns proxy = no
>When I run testparm it tells me that everything is ok.
>But we are not able to browse any share on the member server.
>Does someone know what im doing wrong???
>Vincent Poitras

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