[Samba] Problems After Recompile with MySQL support

Paul Thomas pwthoma at anc.net
Tue Jan 27 23:09:34 GMT 2004

I'm working on moving to MySQL authentication but when I compile samba 
3.0.1 with ./configure --with-expsam=mysql I'm forced to add the following 
to my config

         interfaces =
         bind interfaces only = true

If I don't add that I get the following error and smbd & nmbd will not start

[2004/01/27 16:45:54, 0] lib/interface.c:load_interfaces(195)
   ERROR: Could not determine network interfaces, you must use a interfaces 
g line

That's fine but samba is still not performing properly as 'my shares that 
were working before the compile no longer work and smbclient -L computer' 
gives the following

[2004/01/27 17:05:04, 0] lib/interface.c:load_interfaces(216)
   WARNING: no network interfaces found

The only changes I've made was to recompile samba (make distclean) with the 
above configure flags.  Anyone have any input on my problem as I'm very 
interested in getting it working.  I haven't even started to tackle the 
MySQL authentication yet.


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