[Samba] PDC/BDC Questions

Cybr0t McWhulf cybre at killcybre.org
Mon Jan 26 21:44:47 GMT 2004

OS: 		Redhat 9
Samba Ver: 	Samba 3.0.0 (Plus excel writelock patch, waiting for 3.0.2!)
OpenLDAP Ver: 	2.0.27-8

Just a quick question about PDC / BDC interaction, my plan is to distribute Samba (with slave ldap backend) BDCs to remote facilities, as well as have one on each network segment in the hopes of avoiding unnecessary nmb broadcast traffic.

My question is this: Will the PDC / BDC(s), acting as master browsers for their segments, exchange netbios information (i.e. netbios names, browsing info, etc.) via nmb?  Or do they exchange this information via tcp?  Or at all for that matter?

Also as a complete sidenote, what I think would be a nifty feature:
(This would only be useful to those running an ldap backend (possibly mysql?)
When setting an account to disabled, have an option to set the loginShell attribute to something, such as /sbin/nologin (Should be configurable of course).  Should be a fairly trivial thing.. just altering another attribute, if my C foo wasn't so weak I might attempt to add this feature myself.  Just a possible suggestion :)

As always, big kudos to the Samba Team, thanks for your time folks.

 -- Cy

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