[Samba] Adding printers drivers problem

Stefano Colombo s_colombo at iol.it
Mon Jan 26 13:12:34 GMT 2004

Hi ,
  it worked for me either , thanks.
  I wonder if you noticed extremely slowness while opening the printer
properties ( from a client ) 

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> Hi ,
>    I'm trying to add printers drivers to a Samba server 2.2.8a . with 
> the APW ( add printer wizard method ) .
>    So I set up the PRINT$ share and subfolder.
>    Connected to the samba server with a 2000 ( server ) client and 
> tried to add printers driver using the wizard but got the error .
>    "unable to instal intel ,win nt or 2000 driver, operation could not 
> be completed ."
>    I've read and followed the HOW-TO by Vernooij but still unable to 
> add printers drivers
>    Can anyone help me with it
>    Thanks

Hi Stefano

I have had this issue too.

What worked for me:

Once the printer has been added locally, go to printer properties (for
relevent printer), Choose the advanced tab, then clck on new driver, and
select the relevent driver.

Once this is completed (click apply on main properties window), you can then
goto the sharing tab, and add additional drivers (for win9x etc).

Of course, YMMV.



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