[Samba] RE: SAMBA 15TB Volume?

Green, Paul Paul.Green at stratus.com
Sun Jan 25 00:11:04 GMT 2004

And the reason you never got a response from samba at samba.org is that you
have your mailer configured to send HTML mail, which is immediately rejected
by the mail server.

So no one saw your question.  Or my answer.  Until now.


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The OS (Solaris in this case) handles the disk, or virtual disks, or Veritas
Disks, or SAN disks, or whatever. Samba only deals with individual files. As
long you build samba with largefile support Samba can deal with any file the
OS can throw at it. As far as you are concerned, Samba is just another
application program, albeit a slightly complex one.

Of course, I always advise anyone using Samba in a production environment to
run whatever tests they feel are appropriate in order for them to gain full
confidence that their users will have a pleasant experience.  If you are
particularly concerned about this issue, then you should be concerned about
the entire integrated facility not just the Sambe piece.  In which case you
would be well advised to build the thing and then fill it up and ensure that
it works as you expect.


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Subject: SAMBA 15TB Volume?

Hi sorry for the interruption, but I posted this to the list with no
responses and I don't know who else to turn to.

I'm proposing a solution on a Solaris (64bit) machine, that will have 7 -
2TB LUNS managed by Veritas Volume Manager (Block Size 4096 with
34,359,736,312 sectors.)

I would like to give access to this via SAMBA, but I cant find anyone who
can tell me if SAMBA can address 15TB and present it to its clients.

Can you shed any light on this??


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