[Samba] Interpreting desktop.ini

Dirk Müller dim at sgi.com
Fri Jan 23 17:05:24 GMT 2004


I'm coping with the interpretation of the desktop.ini on samba shares,
as I have an application, which requests these desktop.ini files to 
alter the folder-icon (besides the windows explorer). I've seen in
the archive many posts how to avoid accessing these files, I now
am in the situation, in which i need the desktop.ini files interpreted:

In every subdirectory a desktop.ini file is created by the application,
a text file with the following content:

This changes the actual folder icon in windows explorer on the local 
filesystem and on windows shares, but there's no change on a samba 

My environment is the following: I have a samba server running 2.2.8
with the following parameters:
	workgroup = WORKGROUP
	netbios name = SERVER
	encrypt passwords = Yes
	os level = 64
	[comment, log levels etc.]
	comment = clips %v
	path = /clips/projects
	read only = No
	Browsable = Yes
	create mask = 664
	directory mask = 775

Connected to it is a WinXP machine with Pinnacle Editing-Software.

Any hints how to get the normal behaviour here?


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