ldap filter and man page [WAS Re: [Samba] My story installing Samba-LDAP PDC (it has a happy ending)

Beast indorama at rad.net.id
Fri Jan 23 04:39:42 GMT 2004

* "Gerald (Jerry) Carter" <jerry at samba.org> nulis:
> > Also man page for smb.conf(5) in samba-3.0.2rc1 is 
>  > truncated, only 1 page long, at least in srpm package.
> Hmmm...it's fine in the tarball.  And it's fine in the RH SRPM.
> Something wrong your system ?

I've checked it by directly extracting tarball in SOURCE directory. File maybe corrupt, but i can't compare the md5sum. I just want to see docs for "ldap replication sleep". Just want to try over 64kbps links.

Anyway its not important, I can re-download it again.

> > fyi, I've tried 3.0.2rc1 without setting 'ldap filter' in 
>  > smb.conf and put computer account under ou=computer and
>  > it able to add machine.  Any strong reason to not putting

FYI, I've tried on 3.0.1 with exact environment, but it wasn't able to add machine.
[2004/01/21 15:43:29, 2] lib/smbldap.c:smbldap_search_suffix(1068)
  smbldap_search_suffix: searching for:[(&(uid=trg10$)(objectclass=sambaSamAccount))]
[2004/01/21 15:43:29, 0] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_delete_entry(326)
  ldapsam_delete_entry: Could not delete attributes for uid=trg10$,ou=computer,ou=jakarta,dc=indorama,dc=com, error: Naming violation (naming attribute 'uid' is not present in entry)
I did not think that problem from ldap schema, but i did not capture the traffic yet.
So IMO there was bug on 3.0.1 and was fixed on rc1.

Sorry for asking, when will 3.0.2 released? I've plan to use 3.0.2 on production and now I'm under tight schedule :-(



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