[Samba] Uid problems with linux kernel 2.6.1

Bertrand Sirodot bertrand_sirodot at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 23 01:14:42 GMT 2004


I am not sure I should be posting this to this list,
so if it shouldn't have, please let me know where I
should be posting it.
Here is my configuration:
	- samba server is a Sun Ultra2 running Debian testing
with kernel 2.4.21 and Samba 3.0.0
	- samba client is a PC running Debian unstable with
kernel 2.4.22 upgraded to 2.6.1 and SMB client 3.0.1
	- Several PC acting as clients

On the server, the directory I share belong to uid
1000 and gid 1000, but on the client, they should
belong to uid 500 and gid 500. In order to achieve
that, I use the uid=500,gid=500 options in my
/etc/fstab. Under kernel version 2.4.22. it works fine
and all the files in the shares, on the client, belong
to uid 500, and gid 500, but when I boot under 2.6.1,
they belong to their original owner, i.e. uid 1000.
I don't really understand what is happening as between
the 2 cases, the only difference is the kernel and its
associated modules.
Has anybody heard of this and if yes, how can I fix

Thank you very much in advance and if you think this
should be posted on the lkml, please let me know.
Thanks again,
Bertrand Sirodot.

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