[Samba] Samba Backup Printserver

Carsten Büchner carsten.buechner at edag.de
Thu Jan 22 16:43:48 GMT 2004

Collen wrote:

> why don't set up an excact copy of this printer server and give it an 
> other netbios name.
> if the active printserver crashes, you make an entry in the backup server
> smb.conf, called: netbios alias = <servername>
> then name the alias after your real server, so that the network think's 
> the active server is up again.
> this way the backup will handel all calles with the active server name...
> L8r
> Collen
The "netbios alias" feature was already tested and worked here.

The problem is:

The first server acts as primary Samba server, all Windows clients use this box 
as a print server. Now this server crashes ( maybe a hardware problem for example).
With netbios alias I have the second samba server working within minutes - no 
problems for the Windows machines.

But now I have to setup the first server. I cannot take off the second server 
to make an exact copy because he is now the print server.
I can reinstall the first server with the new hardware, but I have to install 
the Windows printer drivers within Samba by hand - which takes a loooong time. 
Also I cannot use the original server name for samba, because there is the 
second box working under its name...

Does tdbackup solve my problem?


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