[Samba] time stamp problem with samba on s390x

Christian Demmer CDEMMER at de.ibm.com
Thu Jan 22 16:20:09 GMT 2004


I am using SuSE Enterprise server 8 with service pack 3 on a zSeries 
(mainframe, S/390) system running in 64-Bit mode. 

With the included samba version 2.2.8a (delivered by SuSE in SP3) I have a 
weird problem with Office documents residing on the samba share.

I have a excel-document and a pdf document, the time stamp of both is 
correct and it is working fine. If I open the excel file from a Windows 
2000 or XP system and use Insert ->Object -> from file and insert the pdf 
document into my excel document, the time / date stamp of my pdf document 

On the windows system in the explorer there is no time / date stamp shown 
anymore, if I look up the properties, the modified date is in the year 
1601 !!!!
On the Linux system if I issue an ls -la command, the date of the pdf file 
is 60056 !!!

Any suggestions?

         Christian Demmer

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