[Samba] Import posixAccount to LDAP

Bruno Gimenes Pereti pereti at ump.edu.br
Thu Jan 22 12:04:05 GMT 2004

Hi Jim,

Thank you for the answer.

I spent my afternoon yesterday trying to make it work but I couldn´t find
what I must do. My first problem is that I don´t know what should be the
input to the script. The script expect the input in a format I don´t know:

while (<>) {
  my ($login, $rid, $lmpwd, $ntpwd, $gecos, $homedir, $b) = split(/:/, $_);

I know the input should be the output of pwdump, but I can´t use it. I read
in the net that it´s the same format of smbpasswd but my smbpasswd is not
like this. Should I create a new file mixing smbpasswd and /etc/passwd? What
is the best way?

The other problem is that I pass a lot of information to smbldap-useradd.pl
script when creating a user:

smbldap-useradd.pl -a -d /home/alunos/<username> -s /bin/false -c "<Name>" \
-m -k /home/alunos/template -B 1 -C "\\\\toshiba\\<username>" -D "U:" \
-E "alunos.bat" -F "\\\\toshiba\\profiles\\template" <username> -P

How can I pass this information to smbldap-migrate-account.pl?

Thanks again.

Bruno Pereti.

> Tried the migration scripts in /usr/share/samba3/scripts ?
> smbldap-migrate-accounts.pl
> smbldap-migrate-groups.pl
> Bruno Gimenes Pereti wrote:
> | Hi friends,
> |
> | I´m running a Samba 3.0.0 in a production server with Redhat. I´m
> trying to
> | migrate my users and machine accounts to LDAP, I used pdbedit but it
> imports
> | only the sambaSamAccount attributes and I want to import the
> | attributes too.
> | How can I do that?
> |
> | Thank´s
> |
> | Bruno Pereti.

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