[Samba] weird NT error codes

Andrew Gaffney agaffney at skylineaero.com
Thu Jan 22 05:28:29 GMT 2004

This isn't necessarily a samba problem, but its happening on my domain with a Samba PDC. I 
have 2 computers running XP Pro that I can only connect to intermittently. All 3 of these 
machines are joined to the domain and can access domain resources when logged in as a 
domain user through the Samba PDC. SHIPPING1 always seems to work. SHOP1 and SHOP2 are the 
ones that allow intermittent access. Each box always gives the same error codes. I can't 
access the shares on either of them from another Windows box either when its acting up. 
Also, both SHOP1 (not working) and SHIPPING1 (working) had a fresh install of Windows XP 
with all the same software and network/domain settings on the same day. Below, the user 
I'm using is 'root' which is in the 'Domain Admins' group, although the results are the 
same with any user. I have google'd on those error codes and turned up nothing. Simple 
file sharing is enabled on all 3 machines, also. Can anyone give me any hints?

skyline root # smbclient -L shop1
session setup failed: NT code 0x8feb6e2d
skyline root # smbclient -L shop2
session setup failed: NT code 0xd057d1fc
skyline root # smbclient -L shipping1

         Sharename      Type      Comment
         ---------      ----      -------
         IPC$           IPC       Remote IPC
         print$         Disk      Printer Drivers

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