[Samba] Accessing home dir as Windows user

Kenneth Porter ken.blacklist at sewingwitch.com
Thu Jan 22 00:15:18 GMT 2004

I have a local shell account "ken", and I also have a domain account on a 
Win2kS AD "DOMAIN%ken". Is there some way to use the magic [homes] share 
and get access to my shell account?

Right now I've hacked in a regular share that accepts both accounts as 
valid users and does a force to my shell account credentials. Is there a 
cleaner way of accomplishing this?

This is what I'm using for now, but it doesn't scale if I have several 
users with this problem:

   path = /home/ken
   valid users = ken, DOMAIN%ken
   force user = ken
   force group = ken

Kenneth Porter

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