[Samba] 'multi-layered' authentication

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Much thanks for the reply.

Now, please tell me that this paragraph, from the description for
'obey pam restrictions' in smb.conf(5), is old (& false in Samba 3):

"Note that Samba always ignores PAM for authentication in the case of
 encrypt passwords = yes.  The reason is that PAM modules cannot
support the challenge/response authentication mechanism needed
in the presence of SMB password encryption."

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On Sat, 2004-01-17 at 07:00, webster at lexmark.com wrote:
> I need to allow [read] access to a Samba server using both IP filtering &
> UserIDs .
> For a given list of IP subnets, any user should have access.
> Outside these 'trusted' subnets, I need to do User authentication.
> I can handle the User authentication OK in several ways.
> However, I don't see any way to do the 'short circuit' allow for some
> then use User authentication after that.
> If I do a 'deny', in the InetD or in Samba, then the 'untrusted' subnets
> are denied, & not allowed to try logging-in .
> Any ideas?
> I originally thought that PAM would give me this functionality, but now I
> don't see it.
> Is PAM at all popular for Samba 'authentication' ?

You could set 'obey pam restrictions', and then write an 'account'
module the enforced these restrictions.  That assumes you want to always
require passwords, but only allow some particular accounts from the
untrusted IPs.

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