[Samba] Samba and Non-Windows Kerberos Server help

Seth Russell sethr at ucsc.edu
Wed Jan 21 16:15:22 GMT 2004

I am trying to setup a Samba server and can't seem to figure out how to 
properly integrate Samba with Kerberos.

We have a kerberos server that is used for unix authentication (users 
can log into any unix machine and are authenticated against the same 
kerberos server). Is it possible for Samba to use the kerberos server to 
authenticate users in a similar way?

We have widows 2000 and XP clients. What I would like to know how to do 
is this: when a windows  client attempts to connect to the Samba server, 
I want the Samba server take the username and password and validate it 
against the Kerberos Server. Is this possible, and how do I configure 
Samba to do this?



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