[Samba] Samba PDC Questions

Mogens Kjaer mk at crc.dk
Wed Jan 21 14:22:03 GMT 2004

Robert Brugman wrote:
> Hello,
> I am setting up Samba as my primary domain controller for my network to
> connect all my windows machines.  I can get the machines to join the
> network, but I have a couple problems.  Maybe someone here can help:
> 1.) When switching from a workgroup (single client machines) to the domain,
> is there a way to transfer the profiles, so everyone's desktop/icons/files
> are the same as they were?


We do as follows:

When you switch to domain logon with the Network
ID wizard, create a local user as well.

After the reboot, log in as this user, on the domain,
and log out again.

Log in locally as Administrator, right-click on
"My Computer", select Properties, and select
the "User Profiles" tab. You should now have
several profiles.

Select the local profile for the old user,
click Copy To. Select browse. Find the roaming
profile for the network user somewhere in
c:\Documents and Settings

Typically, if your local user is joeuser,
the locally cached copy of the domain profile
will be named joeuser.<your domain>. Select

The next point "Permitted to use", click change,
select your domain at the top and find the user
in the list.

Click OK in the Copy To window, click OK to overwrite.

When you logon as joeuser on the domain, the local
profile is used, and when you log out, it will be
copied to the server.


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