[Samba] smbfs issue

Joe Polk listuser at javelinux.com
Tue Jan 20 20:34:01 GMT 2004

Okay, I've posted this before but I've done more testing.
I am getting some seriously slow speeds on a server using smbfs (not Samba 
Server). I'm using a Linux server and mounting Windows 2000 Server shares to 
it. In my test, the W2K server is on the same local subnet with the Linux 
server. I'm getting a little better than 10MByte per minute transfering files 
from the shared mount point to another directory on the Linux server. The 
Linux server is:
Proliant DL380
RAID 5 w/ 3200 HW RAID Controller
Intel 100 3163 NIC

I also have a RH 8 server on the same subnet. A similar test there yielded 
better results. A 14MByte transfer took 27secs.

I know my NIC is fine as I can ftp that 14MByte file back to the suspect 
server in about 17secs.

Furthermore, I tested a cp of a 20MByte file from a server offsite over a WAN 
link (same city, but a different site we have) and still achieved 10Mbyte per 
minute. Maybe I'm working under a limit of some sort?

Something is really screwing up the smb protocal on the Proliant. I can't 
figure it out. It's running Samba-client v.2.2.8a and a stock 2.4.21 kernel. 
I have the exact config on another server that runs fine. Is there anything I 
should be specifically looking for? I've checked the doc at samba.org and 
tried some tweaks. No luck. I get better speeds on my untweaked, relatively 
untouched server. I am completely at a loss. Any ideas would be greately 


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