[Samba] network browserlist error(S)..

Collen collen at hermanjordan.nl
Tue Jan 20 07:45:14 GMT 2004

At 17:10 19/01/2004, you wrote:
>Collen wrote:
>>G'day.. just haveing the straingest problem..
>>I'd upgraded to the 302rc1 version. i configed it to be an pdc 
>>controller, with wins to manage our local domain..
>>only when browsing the domain list.
>>it gives error(s) once in a while..
>>"An extended error has occured" &
>>"the system cannot find massage text for message number 0x in the message 
>>file for \\hostname"
>I get this same error running 3.01 I have a PDC and multiple BDC's. The 
>PDC has
>os level  = 33
>preferred master = yes
>domain master = yes
>domain logons = yes
>local master = yes
>wins support = yes
>My BDC's have
>os level = 32
>preferred master = no
>domain master = no
>domain logons = yes
>local master = no
>wins server = <ip.address.of.bdc>
>This is a problem because I have shares on some Windows 2000 SP4 servers 
>that my users cannot get to, I have to reboot the server for it to 
>work.  Is there someone who knows what is going on here or a suggestion to 
>fix it?
>>this is when you try to acces a computer or share for a win2k box, it 
>>happens 10 out of 100 times..
>>on a linux box, log.smb reports:
>>  sys_gethostname(host.domain): lookup failure
>>  matchname failed os host.domain 192.168.x.x"
>>the pdc is the master browser with smb.conf
>>os level = 66
>>preferred master = yes
>>domain master = yes
>>domain logons = yes
>>local master = yes
>>wins support = yes
>>with 300 version i have no problems, from 301rc1 the error starts..
>>sugestions ?? solutions ..??
>>Collen Blijenberg

Hmm just downgrade to samba 300, that did the trick for me.. (to bad coz' i 
wanted to run the l8test smba)
gues that some bug-fix didn't work out after 300 version.
i saw multiple people having the same problem, so i gues they work on it.
and fix it before the 302 release ??

till then, 300 works 99%.

Collen (MLHJ)

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