[Samba] New install version question

Matthew Daubenspeck matt at oddprocess.org
Mon Jan 19 17:04:33 GMT 2004

I am planning on a mid-sized migration from Novell Netware to Samba. The
server will eventually have about 400 concurrent logins with mainly
shared home directories and printers. I am setting up a test server now,
and was wondering what version of Samba I should start with. I see that
a lot of linux distros still have 2.2.8 as the "stable" version to use
[2.2.3 for Debian].

Is it "safe" to try a 3.x version, or should I stick with 2.2.8? Are
there any specifics that 3.x will give me over 2.2.8?

Thanks in advance.

  Matthew Daubenspeck

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