[Samba] w2k/XP won't join samba pdc

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Mon Jan 19 14:56:52 GMT 2004


I'm sure this must have come up before - if so I apologise.
I have googled, read HOWTOs FAQ and numerous personal accounts on how to
configure samba as a PDC but to no avail - neither w2k nor XP  will join the
domain. NT4 Workstation and Win9x I have working fine - where have I gone
wrong ?

Linux SETUP:  RedHat 7.3, samba-2.2.7-3.7.3 (upgraded from 2.2.3a)
Win2k SETUP: Win 2000 Pro, Service pack 4
I have used the Samba-HOWTO-Collection to configure the server

os level = 64
preferred master = yes
domain master = yes
local master = yes
security = user
domain logons = yes
logon path = \\%L\Profiles\%u

   comment = Network Logon Service
   path = /usr/share/samba/netlogon
   guest ok = yes
   writable = no
   share modes = no

    path = /export/smb/ntprofiles
    browseable = no
    guest ok = yes

"/usr/share/samba/netlogon"  is drwxr-xr-x    2 root     root
"/export/smb/ntprofiles"        is drwxr-xr-x    2 root     root

I have also added to the global section in smb.conf,
   admin users = jim
   domain admin group = root jim @wheel
which  found referenced in a news article

jim is a user on the linux box, exists in the smbpasswd file and is an
administrator W2k system

I have also manually created the two machine accounts admin1$ (w2k) and
admin2$ (XP). and added them to the smbpasswd file as described in the

In | Advanced | Network identification | properties I change the workgroup
to domain NEWDOM
win prompts me for a username (jim) and password (XXX) and I get the

Windows error
"The following error occurred attempting to join the domain NEWDOM"
Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password"

Samba error (#tail -f  admin1.log)
[2004/01/19 16:26:24, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(381)
  make_connection: jim logged in as admin user (root privileges)
[2004/01/19 16:26:25, 0] rpc_server/srv_samr.c:api_samr_set_userinfo(670)
  api_samr_set_userinfo: Unable to unmarshall SAMR_Q_SET_USERINFO.
[2004/01/19 16:26:25, 0] rpc_server/srv_samr_nt.c:_samr_set_userinfo(2480)
  _samr_set_userinfo: Unable to get smbpasswd entry for uid 0
[2004/01/19 16:26:25, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(381)
  make_connection: jim logged in as admin user (root privileges)


on XP the samba log is the same

initially I thought it was a permissions error on the smbpasswd file which
is 0600, I changed it to 0640 but once I try and connect samba changes it
back to 0600

any ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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