[Samba] Re: Strange behavior WinXP and 2.2.8a and inherit permissions

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Mon Jan 19 13:39:18 GMT 2004

> I have a quite strange problem.
> I have updated my Server with Suse 9.0 to Samba 2.2.8a. 
> From that moment on I couln'd run programms directly 
> from the share anymore. The WinXP Client says: "you 
> dont have the permission for this file." But I have
> all permissions for it. This only occurs in that shares 
> where I have set "inherit permissions" to yes. When I 
> set it to "No" it works again. I can run programms from 
> the share. I tried it on two XP Clients with same
> results. When I used a WinMe Client it worked all the 
> time. It looks for me a bit like a bug. For I have not 
> changed anything except updating samba to 2.2.8a 

Perhaps the group execute bit is interpreted as system
attribute. Try "map system = No" and leave inheritance on. 

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