[Samba] ADS and Winbind ... Can't access with Samba host name ...

Nic le Roux nicl at rohlig.co.za
Mon Jan 19 06:38:14 GMT 2004

@> Matt McParland wrote:
@> | I saw the same symptoms using Samba 3.0.1 and a
@> | Win2k ADS.
@> |
@> | up the shares on the Samba server but still can't
@> | access any of those shares.
@> |
@> | It has taken a LONG time just to get to this point.
@> Ironically I'm working on this right now.  Apparently
@> entering the IP address causes the win2k client to use
@> encapsulated NTLMSSP rather than a kerberos ticket
@> to connect.
@With the latest 3.0.2pre binary release I'm actually able to browse the
@shares and do everything you'd expect.  NN works, and so does Start -> 
@If 3.0.2pre is broken, it's not totally broken because my fileserver 
@to work.

I'm having the same problem, 
Using 3.0.2pre but no joy,

Getting promted for user name and password when trying to access machine 
via hostname.
Works fine with IP address.

Checked that NTLM authentication works but no matter what I try, (been 
trying for weeks)
the Kerberos tickets always fail.

All tests to check whether things are working goes through though 
following are commands that do work.

wbinfo -u
wbinfo -g
getent passwd
getent group

smbclient //server/share -k

Any Ideas ?

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