[Samba] very basic configuration

Maciej Wosko mwosko at o2.pl
Sat Jan 17 20:35:08 GMT 2004

Hello samba users,

im newbie with samba so at the beginning i need some small help.

I have in home LAN, 3 computers with WinXP and 1 host with Linux
Slackware 9.0.

I wish to have access to linux machine via NetBIOS/SMB protocol ( this
is network neighbourhood as i understand ).

All i need is 1 directory (folder) on linux machine( read/write - for
everyone), accesable from LAN ( win xp computers).

Don't need authentication ( wish to avoid window with "login" and
All host in LAN   ARE NOT   in domain, there is just regular "workgroup".

How should looks like configuration file(s) for that requirements and
how should i prepeare directory (folder) by Linux site ?

Best regards,
mailto:mwosko at o2.pl

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