[Samba] Auto printer dirver install for windows client

Mogens Kjaer mk at crc.dk
Fri Jan 16 16:04:20 GMT 2004

Sundaram Ramasamy wrote:
> Edd,
> Thanks for your information. I am not clear about this part can you give
> some more information on this statment.
> ===============
> Go into the Printers folder
>>on the Server, select File > Server Properties, then upload the drivers
> and
>>associate them with the printer in the dialogue boxes that come up
> =============
> Where will I do this on Linux machine? How will I upload the driver to Linux
> machine?

You won't do this on the Linux machine (difficult), do it
on the windows machine instead.

Open Network Neighborhood and find your server there.

You'll see a list of available shares and printers, don't
select the printers here! Instead, open the "Printers" folder,
right-click on the printer in question, and select proporties.

There you can add drivers and associate already loaded drivers with
the printer.


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