[Samba] Queries regarding domain groups

Beast indorama at rad.net.id
Fri Jan 16 11:22:56 GMT 2004

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004 08:05:15 +1100
"Ross Saad" <ross at corbettresearch.com> wrote:

> > In /etc/group it seems as though users have been assigned to groups, but I

Mapping is not store in there, this is nothing to do with samba groupmapping.

> > can't retrieve a user's group(s) from Windows. Also, I notice that our
> > smb.conf doesn't have a section for domain admin group or domain guest

I think it time to read the samba howto collection, chapter account information db.

> > group. Would it help my cause from Windows to add these in? How
> > can I assign
> > domain administrator that will be recognised through Windows and will this
> > administrator be able to perform my intent?

It must have rid 500 and group sid 512.

> >
> > Is it possible to achieve any of this given the system over here?
> > I've read
> > that Samba 3 has new support for Windows group mapping, although I'm not
> > sure if group creation and administration will be possible
> > through Windows.

It depends on samba bacakend db, if in ldap, you can directly modify the entry (if you confident enough), otherwise it must be using rpc call or invoke the net groupmap command.

The easiest way is to start playing with net groupmap command and examine what changed in db backend after you run.


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