[Samba] SWAT reporting wrong version?

beers at xs4all.nl beers at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 15 15:12:40 GMT 2004

Ha all,

I recently am having lots of troubles (I wont go into those detail yet,
but it involves broken pipes, disconnected sockets)  using samba. We used
to run a OS supplied (I dare not name the OS..) 2.2.6 samba version,
located in /usr/lib/samba (which are symlinks to /opt/K/SCO/samba (damn I
gave it away, please do not hold it against us innocent users)

To see if 2.2.8a version would go better I located a for our OS compiled
binary, and installed it in /usr/local.

I then killed all the old deamons, and manually started smbd and nmbd.

When I now start SWAT it reports as version 2.2.6. it also displays old
open connections, and old open files information. Looks like it searches
at the wrong locks directory.

How does SWAT determine where the smbd is located to ask for version info?
I had expect it, to ask the running processes, but apparently it does not.

Many thanks for any hints,


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