[Samba] integrating active directory with samba 3.0

Adrain Spencer watts3000 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 15 14:59:48 GMT 2004

Hi can some please help me integrate samba 3.0 with
active directory. I'm very confused about this process
so far my research led me to the following article
However other research led me to the use of winbind
for this setup. The confusing thing is that the
article did not mention winbind. I would like to have
it where we maintain one set of user accounts that we
create in our active directory database we use both
windows 2000 and 2003 server. With this single login
users will be able to login to redhat Linux boxes with
there same login name that they use to login to there
windows workstations. This login will also give them
access to samba share on our redhat 9.0 server. Any
help with this would be much appreciated.

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