[Samba] My story installing Samba-LDAP PDC (it has a happy ending)

Beast indorama at rad.net.id
Thu Jan 15 08:50:10 GMT 2004

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004 19:40:02 -0700
Craig White <craigwhite at azapple.com> wrote:

> The truth of the matter regarding machine accounts and LDAP (probably
> for the other backends as well) is that even with 2.x.x samba, machine
> accounts were located in the same data tree with the users. You
> certainly can tell smbldap-tools and samba and nsswitch.conf to put
> computer accounts in ou=Computers,dc=domain,dc=org but when it comes

If the filter is correct (and has correct acl), no matter where your record belongs, it will be founds, am I correct?

I know its not that simple in this samba case, but at least thats the theory, you can store the entries anywhere, ldap server will take care how to find it for you... 

> time that the OS needs to verify their existence/passwords/trust - they
> aren't gonna be found.

Who's OS? :-) aren't they rely on pam? If pam can found it, why "OS" can not?


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