[Samba] permission bits clobbered

juanjo.carel at ono.com juanjo.carel at ono.com
Thu Jan 15 08:40:27 GMT 2004

Of course '>' is very different of '>>'. '>' creates a new file so THE 
NEW secretfile is created with the 644 mask.
'>>' appends in the file. If you do this twice w/ '>>' you will see 
But if you do the same twice but with '>':
Only once 'cause the file is created twice.

> A file is chmod 600.  It gets opened on Windows, and it gets 
> changed to 644.
> This happens if the user does:
> N:\> echo foobar > secretfile
> But it does stay at chmod 600 if he does (append instead of truncate):
> N:\> echo foobar >> secretfile
> The "create mask" parameter is set to 644.  I do not think this 

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