[Samba] XP client missing ACK when manipulating directory

Werner werner at cubbyhole.com
Thu Jan 15 04:21:27 GMT 2004

I'm running Samba 3.0.1 on a Linux 2.6.1 kernel and I'm seeing a problem 
of the XP client missing an ack, the server having to resend, and then the 
process repeats.   This _ONLY_ happens when touching files in a 
directory, such as clicking on an icon, then clicking on another one 
causes this problem.  If I drag the file and copy it across, I don't see 
the problem.  Here's a tcpdump trace:

22:03:29.843411 vampire.mydomain.com.microsoft-ds > phantom.mydomain.com.1870: P 7548549:7548867(318) ack 61270 win 5840 (DF)
22:03:29.843835 phantom.mydomain.com.1870 > vampire.mydomain.com.microsoft-ds: P 61270:61538(268) ack 7548867 win 63684 (DF)
22:03:29.883965 vampire.mydomain.com.microsoft-ds > phantom.mydomain.com.1870: . ack 61538 win 5840 (DF)
Notice 4 second pause
22:03:33.994546 vampire.mydomain.com.microsoft-ds > phantom.mydomain.com.1870: P 7548867:7548977(110) ack 61538 win 5840 (DF)
22:03:33.995168 phantom.mydomain.com.1870 > vampire.mydomain.com.microsoft-ds: P 61538:61622(84) ack 7548977 win 63574 (DF)
22:03:33.995188 vampire.mydomain.com.microsoft-ds > phantom.mydomain.com.1870: . ack 61622 win 5840 (DF)

This identical problem is happening on multiple clients, but it is not
happening with the same clients to a Solaris 9 server, just the Linux server.

Any thoughts?

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