[Samba] Samba and Mac OSX 10.3

Anthony Hess tonyh at engr.arizona.edu
Wed Jan 14 18:27:12 GMT 2004

If you mean login as in authenticate the whole machine off of a Samba
server, the key variable there is whether you are using LDAP or not as the
backend of said server.  If thats the case, then yes - you can feel free
to email me off list and Ill tell you what I know (not much, but Im sure I
can point you to the proper resources).  Its not a Samba thing at that
point, but rather an LDAP thing.

If you just mean mount the drive, then read on...

If you don't mind some Applescript (I don't really know it - but if my
instructions aren't clear just email me off list) I have a solution for

Fire up the applescript editor and put this into it:

tell application "Finder"
        mount volume "smb://username:password@server/share/"
end tell

Where you put the appropriate information into the volume info.  Then save
it as an executable, then put it into the login items.  Not pretty, but it
works.  You can take out the username/password information if you want it
to ask for it every time the machine fires up the script.

There are probably other ways to do this, but this is something that has
worked since early versions of OS X so I haven't bothered to look around.
Under Panther I do believe you can put an smb mount share in using the
Netinfo manager, but I haven't ever done this (since said ugly workaround
gets the job done and I haven't bothered to fix it).

Anthony Hess
Support Systems Analyst, Sr.
CoEM Computer Services

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, Wayne Dozier(Samba) wrote:

> Is there a way to set up a mac running panther to ask or a
> login to the samba server every time it boots?  I have
> looked everywhere and cannot find something that would
> work.  any help would be appreciated.
> Wayne
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