[Samba] Ripe woman

Sam Hart hart at physics.arizona.edu
Wed Jan 14 17:01:19 GMT 2004

Check the headers on the original message. It's being detected by 
SpamAssassin as having spammy-qualities... however the fact it's on a 
known mailing list (samba's) usually pushes it way under the limit ;-)

I complained about it a day or two ago too (check for the "offtopic" posts 
from me). Short of whomever maintains these mail severs adjusting the 
SpamAssassin checks so that the "PORN" ones outweigh the whitelists, there 
aint much to do...

* On 04-01-14, claudio wrote:

> This list can't be moderated?
> Only porno spams are the things missing....:(
> Isabella wrote:
> >COME ON HERE: http://zone.hoha.ru/allstrip
> >
> >What can be better than hard fuck? Here you will see how it should be done by all rules! 
> >Ripe girls are ready to start it even now! 
> >
> >Kathy took soft yet dick in her hands and by few movements made it hard as stone! 
> >Here it is - power and skill of the ripe woman! But if she had only skilful hands, she hardly could be here! 
> >Tight-assed and lustfull - what she is! She will not think long and her desires will hold the reins!
> >100% Cock Hungry Girls - real girls that love to fuck and suck a dick until they get covered in cum!
> >  
> >

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