[Samba] Pool printing via cups and notification via samba

Thiago Lima thiagolima at webforce.com.br
Wed Jan 14 15:58:01 GMT 2004

 Use a class of printers in cups and then write a perl script to parse
cups logfile to get the user and printer. Then send a smb message to the
user telling what printer has been choose.

thiago lima.

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> Hello,
> I've been thinking about setting up some sort of pool 
> printing, where a job can be sent and the system can decide 
> which printer to send it to.
> I know that with cups I can define a pool, but I'd like to 
> have samba print a notification as to which printer cups sent 
> the job to.
> The rationale is:  I have multiple printers, each under a 
> maintenance agreement.  I have some printers that are way 
> under their image count on the agreement, and others that are 
> over.  So, I'd like to have the system automatically route 
> the jobs evenly so that the image counts can even up.  (For 
> those of you who don't know:  if we're under on our image 
> counts that means we're paying for service we're not getting, 
> if we're over that means we have to pay an overage charge per 
> image printed.)
> One problem I've got is that I can't put them all in the
> same room (I don't have the space), but they are all on the 
> same floor, and making people walk to them would be good for them.  :)
> The other problem is how do I get cups to tell samba which 
> printer has printed so that I can notify the user (either 
> with the messenger service or email) where their job printed.
> I haven't looked into this too deeply yet, but I wanted to
> get a general feel for if it was possible, or better yet
> find someone who's already done it and will now reply with 
> "Yeah, and here are my config files...".
> Thanks,
> --J(K)
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