[Samba] adding printers from netlogon script

Uwe Laverenz laverenz at molkerei-ammerland.de
Wed Jan 14 10:55:50 GMT 2004

Andrew Gaffney schrieb:

> Is there no way to add printers from a netlogon script without the user 
> being a Power User or higher?

Of course there is: we do this with the tool "con2prt.exe" from the 
"Zero Admin Kit" from M$:


You should install the "con2prt.exe" somewhere on the Windows client 
machine to a location that is included in $PATH.

In your login script you simply call the programm like this:

     con2prt /f /cd \\<servername>\<printername>

Possible options for con2prt:

   /?  - displays usage.
   /h  - displays usage.
   /f  - deletes all existing printer connections.
   /c  - connects to \\printserver\share printer.
   /cd - connects to \\printserver\share printer and sets it as the
         default printer.

Oh: could you please stop top-posting and full-quoting when writing to 
this mailing list? Thank you.


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