[Samba] Drunk Young

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Wed Jan 14 14:51:50 GMT 2004

What is DrunkYoung ? Who owns it ? And what we
offer you ?

Just read following attentively!

DrunkYoung is a new project of two young fellows having a hobby of
taking pictures - the youngest girls pictures!

Once a month I and my friend get on our way to some small town near
Moscow and rent a flat there for four or six days or simply use a hotel apartments and
then we as to call it "go into the city" to pick up some young pretties, usually
we manage to hook up to for girls a day - indeed extremely young! We spend some time with
them, go somewhere like to the cinema then to some bar and eventually offer them to
go with us to our place, then.. then.. we propose them to take some pictures, seduce them
to pose naked... and do whatever else you might imagine.

Some are easily persuaded other take some time to get ready for the show but trust
our experience in arising even the humblest!

With each girl we take at least 20 minutes of video and we make them take a shower and
shave pubis hair and then to shave pussy - you will see it - and then while I photo them
with my camera my friend takes video (high quality) as she touches her pussy with tips of
her fingers, takes vibrator inside her pussy or inserts a finger in her pink ass - believe
me it is really a rush!!!

I hope you join our club and I will see you among our members!

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