[Samba] Samba Browsing and BDC +LDAP

Spencer samba at aib.com
Tue Jan 13 18:51:42 GMT 2004

Hello everybody. I have two questions today.

I am in the middle of moving my NT4 domain over to SAMBA 3.0 with ldap. 
I get some errors while I am browsing computers in the new SAMBA domain. 
For example "\\it1132 is not available.  You might not have permissions 
to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server 
to find out if you have access permissions. An internal Windows 2000 
error occurred."  I will also get the same message with this new error. 
"The system cannot find the message text for message number 0x%1 in the 
message file for %2." Strange eh? I am later able to go back to that 
same workstation and click it again then it works.

My second question is one that I have seen pop up on the list 
occasionally but have never seen a definitive answer.  When using a BDC 
what do I use for the "ldap admin dn =" ? The BDC is also a Slave LDAP 
server and the ldapsam is pointing to localhost.  I have heard that you 
should not use the manager dn, but should use the updatedn specified in 
the slapd.conf file. 

This error might be caused by the above question. On my BDC's I 
occasionally see these errors.
[2004/01/07 21:53:55, 1] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_modify_entry(1173)
  ldapsam_modify_entry: Failed to modify user dn= 
uid=troon$,ou=Computers,dc=aib,dc=com with: No such attribute
        modify: delete values failed
[2004/01/07 21:53:55, 0] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_update_sam_account(1366)
  ldapsam_update_sam_account: failed to modify user with uid = troon$, 
error: modify: delete values failed (Success)

Any ideas?

Thanks a million everyone.

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