[Samba] Samba 3, Windows XP SP1

Darin Bawden dbawden at teamdme.com
Tue Jan 13 17:25:55 GMT 2004

Hello everyone,
I am having a problem I can't find an answer to.
Background:  We had a RH 7.3/8.0 box with samba 2.2.7.  Workstations were
Windows 2000.  We have 5 roaming users with laptops.  when the roaming users
would go home, they were able to log into the laptops without the presence
of the domain (an yes, they were logging into the domain user at home).
Current problem:  Running RH 9.0 with samba 3.0 (I have not installed
the 3.01 path yet).  Workstations are all Windows XP with SP1.   We
still have 5 laptop users.  When they go home, however, they are not able to
log into the computer without the domain.  it tells them the domain is not
   I have tried all the reg hacks; I have tried the local security policy
fix; I have tried adding a local user with the same name; I have added the
address for the server to the Wins setting in windows. 
Nothing seems to work.

Can someone please lead me in the correct direction?  I'm pulling out what's
left of my hair.



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