[Samba] Problem with Samba on Home Network

Art Powell art at adalante.net
Tue Jan 13 17:04:54 GMT 2004

Is your husbands Windows ME box able to get to the server and other
machines by \\computername\sharename? If he is, I wouldn't sweat the
Network Neighborhood thing. It is notoriously bad, particular in ME, for
not showing everything on the network. Eventually he will show up, it
make take several days (Also make sure his Workgroup is the same).

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Subject: [Samba] Problem with Samba on Home Network

I have Samba set up on my Gentoo Linux Box. Our access to the internet 
is through a broadband modem/router. Internet access in all instances is

fine. The problem is that one computer is not showing up in even its own

Network Neighborhood. I can access the files on this computer though 
from the other computer.

Samba setup is as follows:

The Gentoo Linux box Computer A running samba server:
ip 192.168.0.b broadcast
Windows ME setup through Win4Lin on Computer A
ip 192.168.0.d broadcast
These both show up in the Network Neighborhood of the Win4Lin desktop. 
Can access computer B if do add network \\computername\c

Husband's ME computer computer B:
ip 192.168.0.c broadcast Computer A and the Win4Lin files

are accessible in this network neighborhood.  This computer does not 
show up in the network neighborhood. He is able to use the printer that 
is attached to computer A.

All have the same group name. Computer B has been added as a machine to 

What have I got wrong? Attached is a copy of my smb.conf.

Kathy Wills

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