[Samba] Doesn't winbind (3.0.1) resolve primary group of a Samba server user ?

Przemyslaw Tokarski przemek at zpk.u.lodz.pl
Tue Jan 13 14:01:42 GMT 2004

Hello !!

 I`m in the process of setting up winbind (Samba 3.0.1) to get domain users
and groups off the Samba PDC (also 3.0.1). 'getent passwd', 'getent group',
'wbinfo -u' and 'wbinfo -g' work fine, but all users have the same 
primary group even though they have different primary group on the Samba 
PDC. I ran 'pdbedit' on each user and found out that their 'Primary Group 
SID' is different for each user. However on the machine where winbind is 
running each user's primary group on Samba PDC becomes his secondary 
group - that user is listed in the '/etc/group' file. Is that how it was 
supposed to be or have I misconfigured Samba/Winbind ?

Best regards
Przemyslaw Tokarski
Lodz, Poland

PS. I will summarize, of course.

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