[Samba] samba 3 accented names case mangling with win 98

David Morel david.morel at amakuru.net
Tue Jan 13 12:49:05 GMT 2004

Hi all,

banging my head on the wall here... I think I'll never really understand
codepages stuff.

smbd is v 3.0.1, client is french win98 - yuk

my smb.conf reads:

unix charset = UTF-8
display charset = UTF-8
dos charset = CP850

when I create a folder/file with accents in it, I can create it ok, but
reading proves impossible. 

If i create file éééààà, it shows ok in the file explorer windows (
after refreshing though), but i can't access it ("file doesn't exist").

the logs show this:
[2004/01/13 13:38:17, 3] smbd/reply.c:reply_getatr(523)
  stat of EMBED-root/ÉÉÉÀÀÀ failed (No such file or directory)

which is understandable as éééààà exists, but not its uppercase brother!
It looks like smbd doesn't even try to mangle case on filename
containing accented letters

What's wrong (with me)?


david.morel at amakuru.net
OpenPGP public key: http://www.amakuru.net/dmorel.asc

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