[Samba] Learning smb.conf file

Hunter, Jess JHunter at SPFLDSPARC.ORG
Mon Jan 12 21:45:36 GMT 2004

I have just started playing around with Samba and have run into a mental
block / learning hurdle

Here is what I have

I have a WinNT box that acts as a PDC for a domain (mydomain for the sake of
this post). Within 'mydomain' I have several workgroups (wg1, wg2, wg3, etc)

Now here is where I get confused. I am trying to set up the Samba Server so
it will work as follows

this will be for all the general stuff which everyone in the domain can see

this item will only accessible by those in the wg1 workgroup

this item will only accessible by those in the wg2 workgroup

and so on.

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated


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