[Samba] Large File Access from Linux to Linux Host using Samba

Bobby Hitt Robert.Hitt at bscnet.com
Mon Jan 12 03:24:26 GMT 2004


Using CIFS cured the problem, thanks for the help.


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Le dim 11/01/2004 à 02:29, Bobby Hitt a écrit :

> Does anyone know why the file size is being displayed incorrectly, and
> importantly, what do I need to do to correct the problem? Reading and
> writing large files to both the Linux hosts works fine with W2K, the
> is that Linux can't access large files using Samba

wrong. SMBFS can't(kernel space) but CIFS (patches or 2.6 kernel) or
smbclient (which is part of the samba package) can. Use smbclient
instead, or patch your kernel to use cifs. Anyway, if the hosts are two
*nix machines, you'd be better off using nfs in my opinion


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