[Samba] Re: Trying to configure a SAMBA 3 PDC with OpenLDAP

Vegeta lord.vegeta at ica.luz.ve
Sun Jan 11 19:01:27 GMT 2004

I found in an older post in the list that there is a bug in Samba 3.
It says that Samba 3 does not search in the ou=Computers (ou=Computadoras in
my case) so one has to put the machines in the ou=People (ou=Personas in my
case) section of the LDAP server.
I did that and smbpasswd -a -m worked. 

Does somebody know when/if this bug will be fixed?

I still have doubts regarding some users and groups that MUST exist in the
LDAP server.
In particular I have seen a lot of people say that a root account (uid 0) in
the LDAP server is needed. I think this is a bad idea and I would like to
know if this is truly necessary.

Thanks in advance,

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