[Samba] smb problems

dirk dirk at come-in-office.de
Sun Jan 11 16:43:06 GMT 2004

sorry, if this is the wrong way for contact...
i´ll lern if u tell me the right way... ;o)
my native language is german, so I hope u´ll understand my problem.
in the past days, I saved my files on a linux Suse8.1 fileserver.
i´ve made a complete copyjob of over 30gb files to a share.
in some cases it was a concurrent copyjob.
in a few moments, my wireless network become some
"short time trouble" the effort was a complete interrupt of all
but, the SMB server shows everything ok... ?!
the files are there with the whole filesize.
These data i´ve never transmitted !!! the result: "bad files".
in windows systems, a not completely copied targetfile is deleted.
why not in samba? what is my failure ?
are you able to help?
Greetings Dirk

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