[Samba] Sharing an HP DeskJet through SAMBA: the raw option

Chris Boogmans the.boogyman at pi.be
Sun Jan 11 10:25:37 GMT 2004

While setting up a RH9 server on my LAN, I ran into the same situation as it has been described in an earlier posting on this list list, by Joseph Vornehm (see msg29910). Namely, when printing to a samba-shared HP DeskJet 990cxi from a windows station, there were no errors were reported, but nothing was printed.

So, as described in that earlier posting, I opened the file /etc/cups/mime.types with an editor. In that file I noticed a comment explaining what one could do if he wanted to avoid the use of the -oraw option in the print command. And that remark made me realize that I had not added that particular option to the print command in my samba configuration. Once I added it, almost everything worked fine. Here's the print command for printing to an HP deskjet:
  print command = /usr/bin/lpr -r -oraw -P%p %s

One thing still does not work: printing multiple pages on one side of a sheet, using the related setting in the windows driver. When I try that, it sometimes works, but mostly it fails. The error reported at the windows side is something like "An error occured... The network printer is no longer available". Feedback on this problem would be greatly appreciated. If you reply, please cc me - I am not subscribed.

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