[Samba] logging transferred files

Michal Forisek misof at ksp.sk
Sat Jan 10 23:00:23 GMT 2004

Hi there,
I'm new to this list, so it's quite probable this topic has already been
discussed. If this is the case, just point me to the correct message(s)
in the archive. However, search/google didn't help me :(

My problem is quite simple: I don't want any of the lots and lots of log messages
generated by samba if loglevel is set to anything higher than 0. But I 
_do_ want a list of transferred files to/from my machine, along with
some info about the transfer (at least date/time and the IP address of the
other machine). Is there a way to do it? (preferably easier than patching the
sources by hand :-P)

some technical data:
linux-i386 (gentoo)
samba 2.2.8a
metalog 0.6


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