[Samba] syncing file dates between windows nt4 and samba 3.0

Dan Shadix dshadix at trhs.org
Sat Jan 10 18:32:29 GMT 2004

If you are just trying to backup the files from NT 
to SAMBA, I'd use xcopy /m instead.  /m copies 
files with the archive attribute set, and then 
turns off the archive attribute.  That way you 
don't have to worry about the dates. 
>Kristian Rink schrieb: 
>> workstations which at night run xcopy /d to copy 
files from the  
>> files or directories I am copying there - if 
they already exist on the  
>> samba machine, they're obviously updated, but 
their timestamp doesn't  
>> After playing around with dos filetime and fake 
directory create  
>> filetimes without any success: Can anyone 
enlighten me in this topic? 

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