[Samba] Symbolic link gets overwritten

Martin Schuster neggl at web.de
Sat Jan 10 17:49:21 GMT 2004

Using Samba 3.0.1 on SuSE Linux (follow symlinks on) we noticed the following behaviour:

A symbolic link to a file gets overwritten (replaced) by the target-file contents if the symbolic link is saved from a windows client.

This is not what we expected, because a link represents the file, and so all actions executed on the link should actually be executed on the target-file, not the link.

I found one and only one message in the mailing archives about this topic (5 Feb 02:45, Francis Vierboom, "samba and writing through hard/symbolic links") and the answer was "what samba did was to follow very precisely the instructions given by your MS Windows software", which is the wrong point of view, I think, because then samba should also deliver the symbolic link file, not the file the link points to, right?

Is there any setting / patch / anything we can do to make samba use symbolic links correctly?

Thanks a lot,
Martin Schuster
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